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'Kirsten excels at all the skills you'd expect a producer to have: she is a natural organiser, a great communicator with people from all walks of life, a very strong strategic thinker, is calm under pressure, and has an insightful, supportive, forward-looking way of working with artists.  What Kirsten brings to her work that is special is a deep interest and passion that compels her to seek new learning about what she is working on and a desire to use her knowledge of the current scene to make connections that push work forward.  Kirsten is also a delight to work with and has a ready, wonderful laugh!'

Kate DeRight, Spectra

'Even from our initial phone conversations I knew Kirsten got me! Let me embellish. As my project manager for The Line Project, Kirsten was able to react and respond as quick as I like to work; she related intuitively to my spontaneous approach and brought assertiveness and control to my at times, 'over excitable, creative thoughts. She kept me grounded, but, may I add, her background from performing, right through to producing enables her creative flair and input to be ever present. I would trust Kirsten, whole heartedly with each aspect of my future projects, and I look forward to the opportunity to collaborate again.' 

Kate Taylor, Independent Artist & Producer

'Kirsten worked in a methodical, organised, and competent manner. Her attention to detail ensured supported and smooth project delivery. It is clear Kirsten is a people-person; she is a great networker and can nurture external relationships with ease and confidence.'

Becky Aram, Producer - Public Programmes, Dance4

'I’ve worked with Kirsten in a number of capacities and have always found her focused, fast-working and professional. She is very organised and conscientious and her positive attitude and easy-going nature helps her to build successful relationships and encourage people to engage. She’d make a brilliant contribution to any team and can also be trusted to work autonomously, where she’ll bring a creative approach to problem solving. Her skills mean she can adapt to most situations and I’d have no problem in recommending her for any project management or producing role.'

Jane Ralls Dance

'I love working with Kirsten, I'm a small scale artist just starting out making work, I specialise in outdoor work and non-dance audiences and it's been invaluable asset to have Kirsten working with me, from specialised organisational and logistical knowledge to long-term planning and partnership development. More than that (because lets face it producers are everywhere these days) she stands out not just as a good producer but she's always been honest, warm and willing to aim high. Its a bit like working with a mix between sliced bread and four or five personnel assistants, innovative and something that has a ridiculous capacity to make your life easier'.

Ian Dolan, Dirtmarket

'Kirsten joined AutinDT as Creative Producer and project manager a year ago and with her help and support the company has gained incredible momentum. Our close collaboration on 'A Positive Life' made the project a success, from fundraising and marketing to the delivery of the work. I couldn't have done it without her! Kirsten champions inclusivity in the arts and is a passionate advocate for dance as an agent for social change.' 

Johnny Autin, Dance Artist & Creative Director

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